Although cancer is unpreventable, the risk of development can definitely be reduced by raising the awareness of your health and maintaining healthy dietary and living habits. Let us give you some cancer prevention tips:

Healthy eating

According to the "3 low, 1 high" principles of healthy eating suggested by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, food containing low-oil, low-salt, low-sugar and high-fibre, for example, vegetables and fruit, are preferred in that there is a close link between overweight and obesity to many types of cancer as shown by researches. Food containing high-oil and high-sugar, which prompts obesity, eventually increases the risk of developing Oesophageal Cancer, Carcinoma of Pancreas, Endometrial Cancer and Breast Cancer (among post-menopause women). Salty and salted food can also promote stomach cancer. By contrast, vegetables and fruit, which are natural by nature, are especially effective in maintaining the health of digestive system.

No Smoking No Alcohol

It is proven that smoking and drinking significantly increase the risk of cancer development, for instances, obsessive drinking increases the risk of getting various types of cancer such as Oral Cavity Cancer, Laryngeal Cancer, Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer. Alcohol consumption, therefore, should be abstemious. Adult male should have no more than two glasses of beer a day while adult female should no more than one.

Tobacco is closely related to development of cancer in that tar can easily lead to various types of fatal cancer such as Laryngeal Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Renal Cancer. According to statistics, the opportunity of Lung Cancer for a smoker is 10 times more than that of a non-smoker. In Hong Kong, there are approximately 16 cases of death resulting from smoking every day, half of which are caused by Lung Cancer. To reduce the chance of Lung and other types of cancer, we encourage citizens to quit this unhealthy habit as soon as possible and seek for the professional help if needed.

Doing regular exercise

Doing regular exercise can strengthen cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation. Furthermore, evidence shows that it can help to prevent weight increase and obesity, thus reducing the chance of cancer. To improve your health, you do not have to choose strenuous exercise. Daily movement which consumes 150 calories of heat energy, e.g. 15-minute walking or 35-minute strolling, is benefit to your body. As your stamina has improved, you may perform 1 hour of moderate exercise such as jogging or 30 minute of strenuous exercise such as running or playing football.

Regular medical examination

Even having a good health, there may exist potential risk of disease. Regular medical examination can discover such cases at an early stage and allow appropriate treatments. The following individuals should receive medical check-up as soon as possible: 1. Who have a family history of genetic disease or cancer 2. Who frequently encounter symptoms of tinnitus, dizziness or chest pain.