It is commonly known that Michelle is a talent among few of the same. For the past decades, she has immerged herself in her acting career. With her endeavor, perseverance and professionalism, her career reached its peaks one by one. For instances, her fantastic and impressive performance in the TV drama “Moonlight Resonance” has won her the Best Actress Award of TVB in 2008, much to the expectation of many of us.

Other than having a brilliant filming career, Michelle has created infinite warmth through charity work. There is a saying, “one’s appearance is shaped by one’s heart.” I do believe that Michelle is a good example of this. Her everlasting youth and beauty iscertainly related  to  her  kindness and  optimistic  mind. Shehas always  been enthusiastic about public welfare.  She oftenfinds time from her work to volunteer and make her presence incharity activities organized  by Hong Kong All Star FootballTeam. Moreover, she is sponsoring dozens of children inGuangxi. How benevolent of herl

After Mr Wan Chi-keung, the well-known footballer, was unfortunately diagnosed  with cancer, Michelle  stayed by his side all the way and  never left him.  Her resolution and  gentle love  have  moved  all  of  us. Mr  Wan  passed away later. Despte losing her love, she always displayed  her toughness and  bravery  in  front of the public.  As a professional and dedicated actor, she went to work as usual. This sounds a bit sad but shows how respectable she is.

We are very honoured to have this intelligent, charming and determined lady to be the spokesperson of Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid). As someone who has crossed the same path, Michelle can encourage cancer patients and their families and create hopes with her love and life.

Through Michelle’s appeal,  I  believe the public will fully support the Fund and more donation will be gathered which  make more cancer patientscan receive help.

Ms Chong Sok-un, Shirley
Name and Director, Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)