Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe , Madonna…with the support from Madame Tussauds, Hong Kong, all these classic celebrities reappeared before the guests in Yan Oi Tong Charity Fusion Night 2008.

During the night, Mr. Wu Ting-yuk, Anthony, GBS JP, Chairman of the Hospital Authority was so delighted to join into a chorus of a traditional Cantonese opera with Vice-chairperson, Mrs. Corona Cheuk (08-09). The ensemble of Vice-chairpersons, Ms. Chong Sok Un, Shirley (08-09), Mrs. Choi Wong Ling Ling and Director, Mr. Tam Ngak Chau had won the Highest Fundraising Song of the night. The Board members were so glad to have observed Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Cancer Fund’s perpetual development and widened donor base.  They expressed deep gratitude to every donor who made contribution to the Fund.

Vice-chairperson Choi Wong Ling Ling sang classic oldies in step with Vice-chairperson, Chan Cheng Yuk Yee, Connie

Our officiating guest, Mr. WU Ting Yuk, Anthony, GBS, JP, Chairman, Hospital Authority showed his support to the performers by waving the cheering sticks.