The event started as Vice-chairperson, Ms Chong Sok-un, Shirley (09-10) swung for a kick-off the ceremony.

We were honored to have the support from vice-chairperson, Ms Chong Sok-un, Shirley (09-10), who provided us with the golf venue, Long Island Golf & Country Club for four successive years. Like past years, Mr Au Lam-ko, the Secretariat General of Chang An District Governemnt made his presence as our officiating guest of honor on the match day. The Artiste Golf Association of Hong Kong, which has always been philanthropic, sent its representatives such as Mr Paul Chin, Ms Yao Wei, Mr Ng Wai-kwok, Mr Fong Ping and Mr Alan Mak, etc, to participate in the competition. There were totally 34 teams. The event was well-received and the quota was soon full after the registration began.

Other than providing the venue, Vice-chairperson, Ms Chong Sok-un, Shirley (09-10), an enthusiastic philanthropist, generously donated a portrait signed by Tiger Woods for charitable auction. After rounds of vigorous bidding, the winner belonged to Vice-chairperson, Mrs Choi Wong Ling-ling. The campaign finally ended in the sound of ovation and our guests applauded the impressive amount over 900,000 dollars, raised for Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund(cancer aid).