Mr. Tam Ping-,man, Ms Lee Heung-kam showed their support to the Vice-chairperson, Ms Chong Sok-un, Shirley (09-10) and Mrs Choi Wong Ling-ling.

Adopting “Passion for Old Shanghai’s Nightlife” as its theme, the concert recreated the city’s famous scenes such as Shanghai Old Street and the joyous and flourishing Paramount as well as the charisma of this ever-bright city for the audiences.

 We were honored to have Dr Lam Ping-yan SBS, JP, Director of Health, Department of Health and Mr Lo Chun-hung, FSDSM, Director of Fire Services, Fire Services Department as our officiating guests of honor. To match the theme, our guests made their appearance in fascinating old fashion clothes, such as elegant cheongsams and tunic suits, which carried a strong sense of Chinese style. Our guest singers were all eager to perform, singing numerous golden classic oldies in the concert and helping us to raise more than 2.2 million Hong Kong dollars for Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid). Other guest singers included Ms Wai Chun-ying, the Yan Oi Tong’s Ambassador and the classic singing couple, Ms Lee Heung-kam and Mr Tam Ping-man, who performed a series of well-known Cantonese oldies. Finally, the atmosphere reached its climax when Ms Lee Li-hai performed upbeat songs, bringing back our guests to the times of Old Shanghai when nightlife never stopped. Under the strong rhythm, many of them danced cha cha and jive on the dancing floor and enjoyed a jolly time.

Guests switched on the phonograph, the Paramount was recreated.