The match started with a swing of the club.

More than a hundred skilled golf players arrived vigorously at the Island Gold & Country Club and got ready for the match. Again, the event gained the support and participation from a number of warm-hearted artists including Mr Yam Tat-wah and Mr Miu Kiu-wai as well as representatives from Artiste Golf Association of Hong Kong such as Mr Law Kar-ying, Mr Paul Chin, Mr Vincent Wan and Mr Ng Wai-kwok, etc. Moreover, Mr Jackie Chan, who was preparing for his concert in Guangzhou, managed to donate through his friend a limited edition of travel bag for charitable auction. With our kind-hearted and enthusiastic bidders, the sale helped to raise a satisfactory amount of fund. An impressive over 700,000 dollar was raised for Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid) from the event that day.

Board of Directors expressed a special thanks to the guest participated in the event.

Vice-chairman, Yim Yuk-lun, Stanley, JP succeeded in bidding his favour auction item.