Message from Mr. YAM Tak Cheung, MH
Founder of YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)

Although birth, senility, illness and death are stages that life must pass through, should fatal illness happens on oneself or on significant others, the experience is always not to be easily taken.  Fighting off illness as cancer is a long road whereas treatment expense is unaffordable to many people.  YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid) was thus set up to ease the financial hardships of underprivileged patients and families.

Over the past years, the Fund has been absolutely playing a vital role and calling on the govement and the pay more attention to the needs of cancer patients.

Message from Miss CHONG Sok Un, Shirley, MH
Namer of YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)

I am glad that I made the right decision 10 years ago to establish the YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid). I was thankful indeed when I saw many cancer patients benefit from the Fund and obtain the subsidy for buying anti-cancer medicines. Many citizens have been contributing to the Fund over the past 10 years, which indicates that love does exist in the world.

The Fund will continue to satisfy patient needs. We are considering increasing its investment in medical devices and disease research as well as launching psychological counselling and visiting services for cancer patients.

Message from Dr. CHAN Kwok Chiu, BBS, MH, JP
Permanent Honorary Patron of YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid)

In an instant, the YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (cancer aid) has been set up for ten years. It was a tough time to start with very limited resources. As the Permanent Honorary Patron of the Fund, financial support is undoubtedly the most helpful to the Fund as direct support for acquiring the drugs is what our beneficiaries most needed.   With the Fund’s support, our beneficiaries are able to receive the best treatment and their curable rates will then be uplifted.

It is more blessed to give than to take. Helping others bring about satisfaction which is beyond expression to oneself. For those healthy and wealthy, would they ever think of their merest contributions save lives? What even more valuable is their acts bringings hopes to helpless families.